Monday, March 06, 2006

'Top secret' Maritime Self-Defense Force data leaked online

'Top secret' Maritime Self-Defense Force data leaked online

Secret data involving codes and exercise programs for the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) has been leaked online through the file exchange software Winny, it has been learned.
Sources said that a personal computer of an official from the Asayuki naval ship that belongs to the MSDF Sasebo base was infected with a computer virus, leading to the leak.
The data contains a folder with codes that describes how to operate a code alteration system. A "top secret" list of codes is also contained in the data, as are ship call signs.

How foolish MSDF, which is called Jieitai in Japan, is!!

Military analyst Kazuhisa Ogawa said the leakage was serious.

"This kind of data can be called top secret. The data is an important source for foreign intelligence organizations and terrorist groups," Ogawa said. "In particular, the record about ship pursuits could reveal important information about the MSDF's operational abilities. The MSDF must quickly take counter-measures." (Mainichi)

Now that Spies all over the world would be crowded into winny network in order to gather military top secret information. doh

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