Sunday, May 15, 2005

How do we do to terminate crime?

It says in today's Holly Land Post, major newspaper in my country, that the number of crime in Holy Land is rising.

I read the article and asked Arest, friend of Jordan and me, about it.
"How do we do to terminate crime?" I said.
"It's easy, Don't you know how we should do?" he answered.
"Really, Have You got a solution? hmm... hmm I have no idea, please tell me." I said.
"There's nothing to it, We just dump all the laws, so anybody can't break a law, do you?" he said ironically.
"Everybody can do whatever they want to do? but nobody wish that Holly Land would become such a violent world?" I said.
"To terminate crime is as ridiculous as to dump all the laws, You should not think about such a crap." he said with a mocking smile.
um... hmm He is right...

He is the smartest person of my friends, but a little bit sardonic.

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