Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm gonna talk about my friend

Well, I'm gonna talk about my friend.
His name is Jordan. We've been friends since elementary school.
He was very interesting boy, but not very good at numbers.
He was always scolded by our teacher Bela in arithmetic class in elementary school.
"Why can't you add up, Jordan?" devil said Bela.
"Because I have just two fingers." answered Jordan.

He is a grown-up man now, and likes a drink very much.
He always drinks two fingers of the bourbon like James Bond or somebody. smoking
I don't know if he looks James Bond or not, yet he is a very nice guy.
And he sometimes make a mistake of check at bars, and then he always says, "Thanks to bourbon."
I don't know whether it is thanks to bourbon or not, yet he is a very likable guy.

I like him very much, and he is my best friend. cheers

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