Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tentative Deal in N. Korea Talks

Tentative Deal in N. Korea Talks -- TIME

(BEIJING) — Negotiators reached a tentative agreement on initial steps for North Korea's nuclear disarmament, the U.S. envoy to the talks said Tuesday.



と言うよりも、日本に取って有り難くない合意の様な気がして成りません。 Sad_B

Japan's chief envoy said it was "too early to tell" if his government was satisfied with the deal.

"I believe that countries have compromised somewhat toward an agreement," Kenichiro Sasae said, declining to give any specifics.



どういう内容かは分かりませんが、日本が妥協する必要は有りません。 hand
日本にはそれだけの理由が有るんですから、日本が援助を拒否して6者協議がダメに成っても構いません。 devil

安倍政権の人気はがた落ちですが、この問題で妥協すれば、もう終わりだと思います。 snooty

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